What I initially thought to be smoke turned out to be a heavy fog that covered the earth in a thick blanket of moisture. I got damp riding through it. Fine droplets formed on my arm-hairs, turning them a glistening white. It took until 10am for the sun to burn it away, revealing vast expanses of the land I have grown the love: the Pilbara. There is something mystical about this part of the world. Perhaps it is the age of the landscape. Whatever the case, I love it. I put in an epic effort today and my body is shattered. I scored a cold coke from a passer-by during a morning stop. I was also treated to a warm bucket shower and beer by some nice people at Yannarie Rest Area.

Day 120 (pic)

Heading inland

Accommodation Free-camp (Yannarie Rest Area)
Distance ridden today 135.76km
Average cycling speed 19.9kph
Total distance ridden 4,273km