I rolled into town with just half a litre of water remaining. I caught up with Dave, who I had met in Exmouth, and arranged to crash at his place for the night. I had to wait for him to finish work so I passed time exploring town. This meant seeing what culinary delights was on offer and doing what I’m starting to do best: eat a huge volume of food. At the visitor centre I started planning my ride into Karijini National Park and used their WiFi to skype my friend Meghan. After out chat I had a mini panic attack about what I’m doing. Meghan’s doing an internship in Vienna while waiting to continue her studies in Brussels. Her professional life is incredibly promising after years of very hard work and determination. After saying bye it hit me that all I’m doing with my life at the moment is riding a bicycle. I too could be heading down a successful professional path but instead I’m spending my days pedalling. My trip in comparison to Meghan’s life seems simple, unimportant and boring. It took a couple of hours for my mind to start turning around. The beauty of what I’m doing is in its simplicity. It is about living the kind of life I actually want to live right now. It is about not feeling the pressure to work within a system that operates for reasons that I want to look beyond or escape. If I can apply the same drive and passion to this trip as I would a professional career, then I think I can turn it into a sustainable lifestyle that also helps me achieve all my other goals and live the best life I can.

Calling all EMOs...

Calling all EMOs…

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 42.49km
Average cycling speed 11.2kph
Total distance ridden 4,637km