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Day 131 (Australia – Karijini Day 5)

I didn’t really enjoy getting up early again, but another adventure awaited. I followed Phil’s map and had a brilliant day out. I let some air out of my tyres and really went for it on the trails. Although a mountain bike would have been better, I still felt like I was cross-country-mountain-biking through the Pilbara and it was a great feeling. I look forward to another time when I might be able explore the region more thoroughly by mountain bike. I found the abandoned camp and hidden bicycle of Bee Gorge Bill, who spends several months every year living out here in the bush. I hiked to an Aboriginal burial site, comprising a wall of stacked rocks behind which an elderly Aboriginal man ready to die would have crawled and barricaded himself. And I reached my main goal for the day: Bee Gorge. Starting at the shallow top, I descended into the chasm, climbing down the face of a waterfall to get to its lower reaches. Like many places in the Pilbara, Bee Gorge is threatened by iron-ore mining and is likely to disappear in the near future. Back at camp, I came to the conclusion that my rear brake has leaked its hydraulic fluid. In the last week or so my hub has been coated in oil and this coincided with a failure of the rear brake. It will be very disappointing if the brake has indeed leaked, as Magura’s rim brakes are said to be bomb-proof and maintenance-free. I will see if any more oil appears and consider replacing the fluid when I’m back in Tom Price.

Magic place

Magic place

Accommodation $ Camping (Karijini Eco Retreat)
Distance ridden today 27.59km
Average cycling speed 12.8kph
Total distance ridden 4,833km

2 Responses to “Day 131 (Australia – Karijini Day 5)”

  1. Wanida Lee

    This photo and the story how you got there … make me say this … ” keep hunting for more magic places ! “


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