I swore several times today. Loudly. I take my hat off to anyone who can ride a heavily corrugated, soft-gravelled road without swearing a few times to let off some steam. However slowly I had to travel, I got to my destination in the end: Dales Campground. I will spend two nights here so that I have one full day to explore the nearby gorges, waterfalls and pools. A group of girls in a nearby campsite are singing songs together, making fun in an otherwise boring camp. It is creating a nice atmosphere and I can’t help but smile at how pleasant life is right now.

Karijini: a place for which words just aren't enough

Karijini: a place for which words just aren’t enough

Accommodation $ Camping (Dales Campground)
Distance ridden today 43.97km
Average cycling speed 10.3kph
Total distance ridden 4,877km