Straight after dinner last night I got hit with massive stomach cramps. They lasted all night and continued all day today. Joining them have been a light headache and mild nausea. A dose of mild food poisoning maybe. Possibly from some questionable salami I ate two days ago. Possibly from last night’s pub dinner. Possibly from the burger and chips I ate today. Possibly from simply eating too much! Whatever it is, it’s having a party in my belly and I don’t like it. I have spent the day feeling a bit sorry for myself and worried it will get worse. I have decided to stick around in Tom Price again tomorrow to give myself more time to get well before getting on the bike again. I serviced my bike today but failed to get my rear brake working. Thank god for the internet: I have made contact with a guy in Port Hedland who will be happy to look at it for me when I get there.

A town built on rock (in more ways than one)

Tom Price: built on rock in more ways than one

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 4,981km