My plan for this area has been to visit some remote Aboriginal rock art some colleagues of mine found on a biological survey a couple of years ago. Getting there would require a long ride and a long hike and I was flirting with danger by attempting it. I wasn’t going to need all of my gear so I stashed some of it in the bush earlier today. I would be returning the same way so I knew I could pick it up in a couple of days’ time. I was on my way towards my intended target when my plans changed around midday – while having lunch on the side of Hillside-Woodstock Road, a guy passing in a 4WD stopped for a chat and ended up telling me about some other rock art located in a less remote area around the old Abydos homestead. Considering the food and water challenges of the area, this new location was a much safer spot to head for, so I turned back the way I had been heading. I decided this was a good move when I noticed that my repair to my leaking water bladder had failed and I had lost a bit of water as a result. I feel like I have chickened out of something but the new plan still presents its own challenges and will by no means be easy.

Out hunting rock art

On a mission to find some rock art

Accommodation Free-camp (spinifex sandplain)
Distance ridden today 69.4km
Average cycling speed 14.1kph
Total distance ridden 5,290km