(1) I am inflicted with the unexpected pain of nipple rash, resulting from the rubbing of my sweaty shirt on nipples made hard by the cool headwind. It started with the left one, then the right one decided to join in. (2) I met a fellow cyclist called Russell today, a 60-something rider who has basically done every major road in Australia throughout his cycle-touring career. He has designed his own seat and steering accessory. His setup took DIY to the extreme: racks made from scrap wood, gear stored in plastic boxes and a variety of other little innovations here and there. (3) I got the fright of my life when I was setting up my tent and from several metres behind me I heard an ear-splitting scream. I turned to see a crazed creature tearing around the dirt like Looney Tunes’ Tazzie Devil. The scream continued as the creature tore into two. One black cat ran into the scrub while the other cat, a tabby, stood still for a few moments before spotting me and similarly taking off into the scrub. Fighting feral cats!

Broome: the next town, just 230km away

Broome: the next town, just 230km to go

Accommodation Free-camp (roadside parking area)
Distance ridden today 101.64km
Average cycling speed 15.9kph
Total distance ridden 5,889km