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Day 154 (Australia – Dampierland)

The first half of the day consisted of a battle with a strong headwind. My morning culminated in disappointment and exhaustion when I realised I had to ride 10km further than what I thought I did to reach my planned lunch stop. I rested at Roebuck Roadhouse for a while, treating myself to a burger and chips, can of coke, Powerade and two ice creams (all on top of my normal packed lunch!). I feel like I’m returning to caveman times, surviving on relatively little food for a while (now it’s dried fruit, nuts and beans) before gorging myself with a huge feast whenever more becomes available. As I ate I contemplated my options. (1) I could ride into Broome. (2) I could stop and spend the night at the roadhouse. (3) I could push on towards Derby. I chose number 3. And wow-oh-wee I almost forgot what it was like to have a tailwind. Turning east from the roadhouse, I flew along at almost double my previous pace. The world is changing around me as I leave behind the long boring stretch skirting the Sandy Desert and enter the Kimberley.

Glorious food

Oh so glorious food!

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 106.02km
Average cycling speed 18kph
Total distance ridden 6,085km

3 Responses to “Day 154 (Australia – Dampierland)”

  1. timirants

    Australia has cuisine.. Oh God.. Though it was deserts, fire and out backs..

      • timirants

        No problem.. Just kidding in fact I have an uncle who just got back from there.. No food complaints.. Well still many cultural shocks tho


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