Finally, I am horizontal! I am camping in Willare Picnic Area next to the Fitzroy River, getting accustomed to the night-time noises of Kimberley wildlife. I saw my first crocodile today, a Freshwater one in Cockatoo Creek. No doubt I will be seeing many more over the next couple of months. Sweat is pouring off me even though the sun is well down. I can’t start to complain too much though because things are only going to get hotter and more humid the further north I get. At least I should start finding more sources of water to soak in – if I can avoid Saltwater Crocodiles doing the same thing that is. Today’s ride was gruelling, into the wind all day. I am incredibly pleased to find myself at Willare. I was here last November for work. As my colleague and I drove along the highway, we came across a cycle tourist on his way to Derby. We stopped to chat and I shared my plan to do the same thing. Back then I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it might be like to actually make it up here on a bicycle. But I have done it and now I know.

Dreams coming true

The dream’s coming true

Accommodation Free-camp (Willare Picnic Area)
Distance ridden today 99.22km
Average cycling speed 15.6kph
Total distance ridden 6,185km