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Day 160 (Australia – The Gibb Day 1)

Despite my best intentions to make today an easy day on the bike, it turned out to be a challenge. I really am doing this at the wrong time of year. A few months ago and the temperature would have been pleasant. Now it’s torturous and a bit unsafe. The nights take a long time to cool down. I am sweating profusely in my tent as I write even though the sun has gone down. I snuck into a dam to have a quick wash which made me feel a bit better, but I am a little sick from dehydration. My tent is crackling all over like it’s on fire. It took me a minute to realise the sound is coming from hundreds of midges flying into it. I am camped at the May River turnoff. I wanted to camp at the river itself but the track leading down to it was composed of sand too soft to ride through. I am a bit worried about my ability to do the Gibb River Road. What if parts of it are in the same condition as this track? I received some encouragement from a lady who saw my tent and stopped for a chat. She told me that she rode the Gibb as part of the Gibb River Challenge, then decided to turn around and ride back to the start, unassisted. Hearing stories of others doing the track boosts my confidence.

It begins!

It begins!

Accommodation Free-camp (bush)
Distance ridden today 53.96km
Average cycling speed 13.7kph
Total distance ridden 6,301km

4 Responses to “Day 160 (Australia – The Gibb Day 1)”

  1. susan

    Sounds pretty tough my friend! I just started following you yesterday and am really excited to hear about the journey and conditions. Keep up the good work and keep hydrated!

  2. Carolyn Hatbeck

    I’m enjoying reading about your adventure, stay safe and hydrated.


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