I was umming and ahhing about whether or not to stay at Lennard River for the night. It was 2pm when I got there and I had only ridden 20km from Windjana Gorge. The morning walk at Windjana was very cool. The limestone cliffs are spectacular and the hundred-odd Freshwater Crocodiles make for an impressive sight. I decided to stay at Lennard River and I ended up having one of the most relaxing afternoons I have had so far. I lay on the ground in the long shadow cast by a fat tree and dozed while listening to the sounds of the bush and letting harmless creepy crawlies explore my body. If you are bothered by insects then there is no chance you would get even a second to relax out here; it’s best just to let them do their thing. I moved only occasionally, either to follow the tree’s shadow or cool off in the water pool, which I discovered this evening I was sharing with two crocodiles. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you! I was able to take my time making camp and preparing dinner, and I interspersed these tasks with opportunistically filming birds and wallabies coming down to the water for a drink. This really is the life. There is nothing more enriching than being amongst nature.

The gateway to the Gibb

Queen’s head: gateway to the Gibb

Accommodation Free-camp (Lennard River)
Distance ridden today 22.8km
Average cycling speed 10kph
Total distance ridden 6,435km