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Day 165 (Australia – The Gibb Day 6)

I passed a handful of creeks with fresh water and stopped at each one to cool myself down by soaking my t-shirt and having a wash. The road into Silent Grove was the most corrugated yet. At times I could sneak down the smooth edge of the road but at other times every inch of the road was severely corrugated. I slowly made my way along it and ending up having some time to rest before having to make camp. The Ranger did his walk around camp collecting camping fees, but on reaching me and my little tent he didn’t ask for money so I didn’t offer any. Instead we just had a friendly chat. I much prefer camping on my own in the bush. The noise of other campers is annoying. I better not be turning into a grumpy old hermit!

The broader landscape I'm travelling through

A view of the terrain I’m travelling through

Accommodation Camping (Silent Grove campground)
Distance ridden today 41.39km
Average cycling speed 9.4kph
Total distance ridden 6,554km

2 Responses to “Day 165 (Australia – The Gibb Day 6)”

  1. Jacqui Patterson

    Hi Budgie 🙂 Just came across your page via another FB page. What an experience of a lifetime. Safe travels and enjoy the ride.


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