I woke up at Cadjeput and had to get back home in time for my first day of ‘work’. I enjoyed a hearty breakfast (food is part of the volunteering package). It was amazing to eat something different and as much as I want. I headed over the bridge to Research, where I was put to work putting together bullets with Jenny. They will be used to kill feral cattle that have made their way onto the sanctuary. It was a bit nerve-wracking being responsible for adding the correct amount of gunpowder to the bullet shells. Task completed, I helped Salwyn and Muzza with some fencing. Then I helped Rich prepare a couple of utes for fighting a threatening bush fire on a neighbouring property. After a game of ultimate Frisbee, I joined the rest of the work crew for a dinner of fish and chips at the old bar. Getting to know everyone here and becoming part of the team is a highlight of my trip.

Mornington's Great Divide

Mornington’s Great Divide

Accommodation Camping (Mornington Wilderness Camp)
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 6,814km