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Day 183 (Australia – The Gibb Day 24)

Over the last few days I have felt a great sense of peace come over me. Maybe it is because I am reading The Art of Happiness. Maybe it is because of the remoteness of the Gibb River Road. Maybe it is because I feel free, surviving on the food I carry and on water I’m finding in creeks and rivers. Maybe it is because my actions are finally matching up with my dreams and desires. I think that is it. My inner being is starting to realise that one of my grand dreams is coming true. An idea that once seemed insurmountable to me is becoming a reality, bringing with it a strong feeling of contentment about what I am doing with my life. Such a feeling brings with it a sense of excitement about my future days and new energy to tackle what’s ahead. Doing this trip is giving me the power of inspiring people. Already I have filled people with a sense of awe about what can be achieved if you have a goal and are committed to reaching it. I want to understand more about this power and how I can wield it for the good.

My bath

My bath

Accommodation $ Camping (Mt Barnett)
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 6,982km

2 Responses to “Day 183 (Australia – The Gibb Day 24)”

    • Budgie Escapee

      Yep, like anything, break it down into small steps and it becomes very manageable. It’s just going on a bit of a bike ride each day after all!


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