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Day 201 (Australia – Kununurra)

Yet more tasks to complete: I changed the oil in my rear hub and sent out the newsletter reissue. To get out of the house and into some fresh air, Q and  I explored the iconic Ivanhoe Crossing. Back in the day this was the only way to cross the mighty Ord River and get to Wyndham. At the moment the crossing can’t be crossed due to massive amounts of water pouring over it, a consequence of damming the Ord to create Lake Argyle. Despite this development, the spot is still an attractive area frequented by fishermen hunting fish, crocodiles hunting both fish and fishermen and fish just trying to stay alive. We enjoyed Vietnamese noodle soup for dinner and watched a movie called Dope.

Ivanhoe Crossing

Ivanhoe Crossing

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 7,494km

2 Responses to “Day 201 (Australia – Kununurra)”

  1. memock

    Ivanhoe Crossing is only impassable during the wet season. If you can see the poles (like in your photo) then it is possible to drive across.


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