– The adventures of a solo round the world cyclist –

Day 215 (Australia – Top End)

The heat and humidity is deadly. I can’t ride between 10am and 3pm. If I do I feel nauseous. Even either side of this time period is a struggle. I got up at 4am after a very intermittent sleep. The nights don’t cool down much so it is hard to relax. Even in the dark at 4am I was hounded by flies. I pushed myself very hard today. I had my sights set on Timber Creek and wanted to reach it by late morning so that I am not stuck in the bush through my 10am-3pm break. My first leg was about 45km and after a short break I pushed on for another 30km, making it to Timber Creek by 1030am. I bought a Frosty Fruit and a coke, then another icy-pole. I decided to stay in town, so I booked a room in Wirib Tourist Park. I am very happy with my choice: large room, large bed, TV and air conditioning. It costs a small fortune but it is worth it. I am currently wondering whether to stay a second night. A rest day will be incredibly valuable for my body. I would just have to place my health higher up on the priority list than saving money.



Accommodation $ Guestroom (Tourist park))
Distance ridden today 76.65km
Average cycling speed 17.9kph
Total distance ridden 7,728km

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