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Day 218 (Australia – Top End)

How things change. Today’s conditions were far more challenging than yesterday’s. There were no clouds to keep the sunshine at bay and I faced a headwind. I couldn’t face resting in the bush with no shade so I pushed on and struggled. Eventually, I made it to a 24-hour rest area. I cooled myself down by filling my collapsible bucket with water from a tank and tipping it over myself. A guy who stopped for a rest from driving gave me an ice-cold can of diet coke and an Aboriginal guy passing through gave me a frozen 1.25L coke bottle of water. Amazing! As the day wore on the weather turned. Clouds built up and took over the sky. Big, dark ones. The world became one big storm with me at the centre. Lightning was flashing every few seconds and the thunder was tremendous. I sat and watched in exhilaration. I tried filming the show but gave up when things got too wet. It was bucketing down and the wind was carrying the rain horizontally across the shelter. I was soon drenched and cold. It was the biggest and longest lightning show I have ever seen. The thunder was unreal. It is still raining lightly now. I have pitched my tent under the shelter. While I was cooking dinner one clap of thunder was so loud and unexpected that I seriously thought my stove had exploded in my face. I jumped in pure fright. As I was preparing bed a French couple and daughter turned up and invited me over to their campervan for a drink. I chatted to them for a couple of hours before returning to my tent for a proper rest.

A proper Kimberley storm!

A proper Kimberley storm!

Accommodation Free-camp (Rest area)
Distance ridden today 76.34km
Average cycling speed 14.8kph
Total distance ridden 7,913km

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