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Day 220 (Australia – Top End)

Arriving into Katherine at 8.30am, I was immediately attracted by some signs saying ‘hot springs’. I hunted them down and enjoyed a relaxing bath in a flowing creek with sunlight filtering through the tropical canopy. I dilly-dallied about where to stay, trying to find a good deal. Sometimes this can take up so much time that it defeats the purpose of arriving into a town early. It is better to make a decision quickly and start relaxing sooner, rather than spend lots of time house hunting. I had a look at Coco’s but got put off by the owner when the first thing he said to me was. ‘Oh, you’re Australian. Australian cycle tourers always think they are so good when they are not’. I settled on a motel and enjoyed the comfort of my own room. I received a free upgrade so I am in a super luxurious room with my own bathroom, huge bed, TV. I have just been on the internet checking out some cyclist’s Instagram accounts. Seeing pictures of other people’s journeys makes me think that my trip is insignificant. People are doing some cool stuff out there. Whilst admiring what other people are doing, I can’t let myself forget about my own personal achievements. This trip for me has been incredible and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what other people’s trips are like in comparison.

Natural bath

Natural bath

Accommodation $ Motel room
Distance ridden today 37.35km
Average cycling speed 16.4kph
Total distance ridden 8,023km

2 Responses to “Day 220 (Australia – Top End)”

  1. Louise Brady

    Your trip is not insignificant! it looks amazing. I have only just stumbled across your blog day 220- looks like I have a lot of reading ahead of me 🙂 xx

    • Budgie Escapee

      Sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective when you’re out on your own in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the kind words 😊 Hopefully lots more stories to come too!!


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