Two days in a row now I have met interesting people who I thought might also be travelling on a bike. I talked to each and quickly realised they were both homeless. I guess I am technically homeless too (although I do have a very nice place to stay in Darwin). The first guy was sitting on a park bench on the esplanade, alongside a bike with a couple of rear panniers. I sat next to him for a five-minute chat during which time I just nodded and said ‘Oh yeah’ as he explained to me that he was personally responsible for building every Australian city. Canberra was just a hobby for him. He is in Darwin waiting to have a meeting with some important people before he can start on the next city that the world needs. The second guy was also called Mark and I met him on the wharf. He had a girl’s bike with a trailer. He was stoned and offered me weed. I politely declined but chatted to him about Darwin. He said he comes down to the wharf to sleep. He pointed me towards a couple of places I might be able to begin my enquiries into catching a boat to Asia. I had a lonely Saturday night tonight. I considered going to a bar on my own but ended up at home cooking dinner, drinking beer and watching tv.

Darwin's beachfront

Darwin’s beachfront

Accommodation Cousin’s apartment
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 8,366km