I crossed a line today and bought a headband. My hair is getting long and I need to keep it off my face. I have been using my sunglasses as a headband for a while but today I decided to take the leap into shameless femininity. I also bought a comb. I have not had a brush or comb for about 17 years but finding little dreadlocks in the back of my head prompted me to get one. Don’t worry dad, I bought some manly things too: tyre tube, rim tape, pacer pencil leads and food. At home I signed up to Couchsurfers before joining Tricia, Peter and Kathy for a drive out to Adelaide River where in the war cemetery we found the grave of my great uncle John Joseph Toia, who died during World War II at the age of 35, leaving behind a wife and a daughter. Around him were the remains of way too many young men.

The legacy of war

The legacy of war

Accommodation Cousin’s apartment
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Total distance ridden 8,366km