Having just had a shower I am now poo-free. Lincoln’s fault this time. I knew from his face that he was about to push one out, but I had faith in his nappy. In hindsight I probably should have shifted him off my leg so his nappy had more room to expand. Instead, poo shot straight out the side of his nappy and all over my lap. Erin thought this was hilarious. I actually thought it was quite funny too. I got up this morning to do babysitting duty while Chris and Erin headed out to investigate a potential baby-care centre. As they were getting ready to leave, I had just got Henry to sleep and Lincoln’s eyes were drooping. Lincoln ended up falling asleep too. Chris and Erin got back after about an hour and were shocked to find them both still sleeping. I didn’t have to do a thing except be quiet. I spent the afternoon pottering around still feeling sick, entertaining the babies and helping clean the car. Chris cooked a bbq for dinner.

Can't believe I'm an uncle!

Can’t believe I’m an uncle!

Accommodation Brother’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 8,366km