• Task 1: Get a photocopy of my passport. SUCCESS. On my ride into town I passed a shop with a small Fotocopy sign in the window. It was a bit early and I wasn’t entirely sure if it was officially open, but the door was ajar so I went in and called hello and a lady came out from the back. I got four copies for US$0.50.
  • Task 2: Visit the Indonesian embassy and apply for a visa. FAIL. The embassy was closed today and won’t open again until the day after tomorrow.
  • Task 3: Find methylated spirits. SUCCESS. Lita Supermarket had some. I also bought a black pen to use on any Indonesian paperwork.
  • Task 4: Sort out a solution to my bike stand issue. SUCCESS. In Darwin I made a bike stand to replace the one that broke in the Pilbara, except that I lost one tiny but crucial piece of metal. Today I came up with a solution, for which I bought two nuts and a bolt from a hardware. With the araldite I brought over from Darwin, I should be able to fashion them into what I need.
  • Task 5: Prepare text for Newsletter 3. SUCCESS. I sent it off to my mum for a proof read.
  • Task 6: Wash my sweaty clothes. SUCCESS. Hard to fail at that one.
  • Task 7: Have lunch. SUCCESS. Noodles and fruit, not together. Again, not really a challenge.
  • Task 8: Ride to the other side of Dili to visit Emily at Cemetery Beach. SUCCESS. Emily is a friend of Laura, who I met at Mornington Sanctuary on the Gibb River Road. Emily has lived and worked in Timor-Leste for several years. She has a beautiful house that fronts onto a beautiful beach with beautiful views across to Atauro Island. We went for a swim, chatted and later visited the nearby street food vendors for freshly cooked seafood. I was a bit worried about riding home in the dark (I don’t have a tail light fitted) but I obviously survived to tell the tale.
Seafood feast

Seafood feast

Accommodation Couchsurfing
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 8,366km