My hangover wore off as I dozed through the morning. At about 10.45am, Nick and Ben arrived home. Nick disappeared to buy some pizza while Ben prepared his fishing gear. On Nick’s return, we piled into Ben’s troopie, accompanied by the pizza and fishing gear, and drove for an hour out of Dili, through coastal villages to Ben’s favourite fishing spot: a tiny, rocky island in a peaceful bay. I donned a snorkel and mask while Nick and Ben paddled to the island in an inflatable kayak. By the time I arrived, after exploring the edge of the reef, Ben was ready for his first cast. The iridescent sparkle of blue trevally marked his target. On his second cast he caught one, the biggest one he’d ever seen, A ‘horse of a blue trevally’ according to Nick. He was just about to land it when the line snapped. That was the closest any of us came to catching a fish, but it wasn’t without trying. When we wanted a break from fishing we went snorkelling. At one point we saw some kind of animal surface, a dolphin or a shark. I cut my face when I dived and my mask shattered on impact with the water. On our return to Dili I was dropped off at Timor Plaza for my Tetun lesson with Antonio. He was an excellent teacher and I am looking forward to being able to communicate more easily and confidently. My taxi ride home pissed me off. We hit a road block due to road work and the driver said there was no way around it. I discovered this was bullshit after I got out and walked for half an hour to get home. He also gave me the wrong change. I counted it before I left and demanded the rest, but still he ended up being short, claiming he had given me all the change he had. It’s infuriating to get picked on for being a foreigner. I can’t imagine what it must be like to truly get discriminated against for being different.

Kayaker's dream. If you can ignore the crocs lurking nearby.

Kayaker’s dream. If you can ignore the crocs lurking nearby.

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