The ride from Hatubuilico to Maubisse was very pleasant. As I walked into the town centre after checking into the same guesthouse in which I had stayed before, I heard my name being shouted from the back of a truck. It was Aty, surrounded by most of his family. On a whim, I climbed in and suddenly we were racing back along the way I had just ridden, heading for the hills. It was Aty’s brother’s birthday and they were on a family outing. At one point it started raining, so we pulled out a tarpaulin and all crouched under it. Above a village called Flasia we stopped to admire the view and take photos. From there we went for a walk to a religious site where more photos were taken. I am discovering that while many people can’t speak English, everyone knows the word selfie and no one is afraid to request one. Back in Maubisse I hung out at Aty’s house for a while before joining the family for a walk up to Maubisse de Pousada. By this time it was early evening and getting cool, so I raced home to get into some warmer clothes before returning to Aty’s house. I met his mum, who had returned from Dili. We chatted for a while and then had dinner. Later I jumped on the back of Aty’s motorbike and headed back up to the Pousada, where a stage had been set up and some guys were playing music. They were rehearsing for a Christmas concert. Eventually, we returned to the town centre and loitered around the roundabout along with some other bored youths. By this time I was half asleep so I said my goodbyes and walked home.

Some of Aty's family on our day out

Some of Aty’s family on our day out

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 29.33km
Average cycling speed 9.2kph
Total distance ridden 8,507km