It’s Christmas Eve (2015) and celebrations are underway in Dili. The sound of fireworks popping is competing for attention with loud music blasting out of nearly every other house. A life-size dancing Father Christmas figurine is giving joy to little kids outside Lita. Red hats are on sale everywhere. But it’s not all about fun and commercialism – Joel, Belinda and I spent the evening driving around looking at impressive nativity scenes. The males of each sub-village are in charge of constructing and maintaining a nativity scene that will make their local area proud. On the line are a year’s worth of bragging rights and a money prize. As we explored town, we admired thousands of well-dressed Timorese on their way to church, some having walked for hours to take part in one of Dili’s Catholic ceremonies. It’s incredible to see such Christmas spirit on display from so many people!

Day 266 (pic)

Hundreds of nativity scenes are scattered across the country

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Total distance ridden 8,585km