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Day 281 (Indonesia – West Timor Day 5)

I am not well. My symptoms are consistent with Dengue Fever. It feels like rods are being driven through my temples. My eyeballs feel like someone is stepping on them. My body is generally sore, my lower back in particular. It all came on rapidly as soon as I started the day’s ride. Yvonne gave me a nice farewell and free coke to get me started. I didn’t like the atmosphere in some of the villages and towns I passed. There were lots of men off their face, chewing betel nut and yelling at me in an unfriendly tone. One man, eyes wide from being high, mouth dripping ‘blood’ from betel juice, yelling crazily, chased me for about twenty metres before I got enough momentum to pull away. Dogs were aggressive and one came close to biting me. In Soe I pulled up on the side of the road to search the internet for accommodation options only to discover the nondescript place I had stopped outside offered cheap rooms, albeit scabby, cockroach and mosquito-infested ones with sagging ceilings and even saggier beds. I lay straight down and didn’t move much. I got really frustrated when a lady who works and/or lives in the compound invited herself into my room and proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions. She couldn’t speak English and so trying to communicate was an incredible effort, especially as I felt like I was dying. Just when I about to be rude to her and tell her to get the hell out and leave me be, she asked about how I was feeling and this lead to her offering me some paracetamol, which I gratefully accepted.

Dressed for an occasion

Dressed for an occasion

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 85.81km
Average cycling speed 17.9kph
Total distance ridden 8,806km

2 Responses to “Day 281 (Indonesia – West Timor Day 5)”

    • Budgie Escapee

      No, it’s never fun feeling so sick in a foreign place. The worst part is feeling paranoid you’ve caught a horrible tropical disease!


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