I am starting to feel better, thanks to drinking massive amounts of water. The ferry delivered me and Phil to Larantuka at 4am. I got Phil to drop me off outside a church where I could prepare my bike under the glow of some streetlights. By the time I was organised, the sun was rising. I set about finding a place to stay from where I could get my bearings and make a plan for crossing Flores. It turned out the church was hemmed in by guesthouses so I chose one and spent the day researching the island and completing some ‘business’ tasks (e.g. an insurance claim for my hospital visit and a subscription button issue with my newsletter system). In the evening I went for a walk to find dinner and was invited for a kerb-side coffee by a couple of young guys chilling out on the sidewalk. They were keen musicians and had a rock-metal band, as suggested by their tight, torn black jeans and punk-style hair-dos. One of them pulled out a ukulele, seemingly out of nowhere, and started playing. In between making what seemed to be lewd comments at pretty girls passing by, they would sing. Heading home after dinner I bought five mangos for 10,000r and a bunch of bananas for 5,000r (altogether about AU$1.50).

Day 284 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 8,812km