I had a restless sleep, being kept awake by pounding waves, crawling insects, heat, sand and sweat. Thankfully the day’s ride was enjoyable, especially after the hills ended and I hit the flat coastal run to Maumere. I stopped for lunch at Ankermi Dive Resort. In Maumere, I hunted down a pharmacy to get some electrolytes before checking into a hotel and cleaning up. I then headed out again to get some photocopies completed for a visa extension application. During dinner at a warung on the way home I had a quiet laugh to myself when I was asking about words on the menu. For one item, I thought the guy serving me said it was goat. Before I could stop myself, I had done my best bleating impression in an effort to confirm, instantly feeling paranoid he would think I was being patronising. He said ‘tidak‘ (no) and, completely serious, pointed at the word and did a slightly different bleating sound. I must have spoken sheep instead of goat. Clearly he knows his food animals better than me.

Day 286 (pic)

Looks nicer than it was!

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 78.52km
Average cycling speed 15.4kph
Total distance ridden 8,950km