My friends Laura and Willy visited from their home in Moni. They too had business at Imigrasi, so we headed into town together, along with two other friends of theirs. I asked if my visa was ready. No, but please come with us, they said. I was taken to a back office where my bio-metric data was taken (photos and fingerprints) without explanation. Again I need to wait for a call before I know my visa is ready. Laura and Willy needed some building supplies for their in-progress house so we ran around various shops, lastly visiting a warung to get some take-away lunch. A few fun things happened at home. February asked if I wanted some coconut. I said Yep. Feb walked outside, so I followed. He led me to the base of a coconut tree, where he made the sign of the cross. Oh shit, I thought. Please don’t risk your life just so I can have some coconut. Feb expertly climbed the tree and retrieved some fruit. I tried to climb the tree too, but I simply couldn’t do it. We drank the coconut water and ate the flesh immediately.

After our afternoon snack, I joined Feb and his friends playing cards. Then a big group of us went down the road to a cement court and played a game of soccer. I returned home hot, dirty and sweaty. After cooling off with a wash, France and I went into town and I bought some dinner for France, Feb and myself, who were the only ones home for the night. We played cards after dinner. By this time I had got the popular game down pat and actually won the last few games. In other news, I have some kind of infected sore on the knuckle of my right little finger. It’s a pus-filled pimple that is just getting bigger and bigger by the hour. If it doesn’t improve overnight I will pop and drain it tomorrow.

Day 291 (pic)

Always good to carry a first aid kit!

Accommodation House belonging to the family of a friend
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 8,958km