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Day 293 (Indonesia – Flores Day 10)

My trip is back on track and I am in a more positive frame of mind. I rode into Maumere with a plan to wait at Imigrasi until I got what I wanted. My appearance stirred Oscar (the officer who I have dealt with the most) to act. I only had to wait around ten minutes before I was handed my passport, complete with a visa extension authority. I suspect that what Oscar did in that ten minutes could have been done at any time during the last four days. Oh well. I am now allowed to stay in Indonesia for the next 43 days. On another positive note, my replacement rack is on its way to my parents’ house (I have decided to buy a different front rack altogether, so it made sense to have the free replacement rack sent home). I have also had a productive afternoon progressing my website.

Day 293 (pic)

Back to the hotel in town

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 8.28km
Average cycling speed 24.4kph
Total distance ridden 8,966km

4 Responses to “Day 293 (Indonesia – Flores Day 10)”

  1. memock

    They were simply waiting for a little tea money and gave up when they realized you were not going to play the game!

    • Budgie Escapee

      Ha I never actually thought of that. I hope not…I’d hate to think of them badly (or at least worse than the lazy people I already suspect they are). Whatever the case it got done in the end and I could finally get out of there!!

  2. memock

    To me honest I cannot talk much about Indonesia but in my time in SE Asia the go slow approach nearly always means “just slip me a few bank notes and we will have this sorted in no time’ Many times it is worth it but if you have the spare time to wait then stick to your guns. Really enjoying your travels.

    • Budgie Escapee

      Very nice to hear you’re enjoying following along ☺ It takes a lot for me to part with money, so it would take a very serious situation for me to partake in ‘bribes’. At least here I was staying with a lovely family while waiting it out, so no loss to me!


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