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Day 294 (Indonesia – Flores Day 11)

It was a great feeling to be moving again. Until the heat set in around 10am, that is. I started to feel sick from losing too much fluid. Despite feeling ill, I knew that if I pushed hard, I could make it to my intended destination by early afternoon, and spend the remainder of the day resting. My destination was Koka Beach and my stress evaporated the instant I saw it. White sand, classic turquoise water, wooden boats strewn onshore, small islands offshore. Heaven. It didn’t take me long to realise I was going to be here for more than just one night. Ricky welcomed me and showed me the hut that was to be my home (5000r per night). It has a mattress on the floor under a mosquito net. Nearby, hidden behind some sheets of iron is a squat toilet, as well as a well from which I can collect water for flushing/washing purposes. I sat around with Ricky and other locals through the afternoon, feasting on coconuts and trying arak (palm wine), with salty dried fish as a finisher. There is a warung here by the beach and I have just had a feast of freshly caught/baked fish, soup, vegetables, chilli and, as always, rice. This place is paradise!

Day 294 (pic)

All to myself!

Accommodation $ Bamboo beach hut
Distance ridden today 52.13km
Average cycling speed 14.9kph
Total distance ridden 9,018km

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