As usual, I got going later than planned. After a nice downhill to the Ende border, I began climbing and, apart from a few relieving downhills, continued up and up and up. Just after Watu Wiro I was brought out of my trance-like riding state when I heard my name being called. It was Laura and Willy and friends, on their way to Koka Beach for the day. I was relieved when Laura said it wasn’t much further to Watugana where they all live and where I will be staying. I stopped in Moni for lunch, then rode to the family’s house, asking people I passed where Willy lived. I found my way there and met Willy’s father ‘Moose’, who was chatting with friends on the front porch. I had a coffee and listened to the conversation for a while before going for a walk.

Down the road I met Francisco, who, after visiting Australia for three weeks as part of a development program, has returned to Moni with a plan to implement a waste recycling system, to convert the plastic that litters the country into things of value such as art work. I continued my walk up the hill and was waved into a porch of a house by a figure that turned out to be Moose. I joined him and his friends as they chatted and shots of arak were shared around the circle. After the glass had come by me five times, I thanked them for their company and went home, feeling pleasantly tipsy. I was immediately given a plate of food and tea, and just as I started eating, Laura, Willy and co. arrived. The power was out so dinner took a while to prepare but it was well worth the wait. The feast included one of their three ducks.

Day 297 (pic)

Hills, hills and more hills

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 47.28km
Average cycling speed 13.7kph
Total distance ridden 9,066km