I had a super comfortable sleep on a mattress on the floor, wrapped up in a locally-made sarong. After breakfast, I wandered down to the market and started looking for my own sarong, but I came away empty-handed as I dudn’t quite find a pattern I fell in love with. Laura showed me the house she and Willy are building and we chatted about their plans to open a café. I then spent the afternoon exploring. Firstly, I rode to the hot springs that are on the way to Kelimutu. The water was at a temperature where on first touch it feels way too hot, but cool enough that you can just manage to slide in with a bit of a grimace. Once I was in it felt amazing. The afternoon rain arrived while I was enjoying my outdoor spa. I waited for an hour or so but the rain wasn’t easing so I jumped back on the bike anyway and rode back towards town. As I passed Santiago’s on the corner, someone shouted out my name. It turned out to be a guy called Darno, who I hadn’t met but who I had heard about through Laura and Willy. He knew who I was because he had been told about the Australian on the bike. I stopped in for a Ginger Tea and chatted to him and Odin. When the rain stopped, I took the opportunity to visit the waterfall opposite Rainbow Café. After resting at home for a little, Laura, Willy and I went to Santiago’s to hang out and to plug a few things in to charge when they turned their generator on (the town’s power was still off as a tree had broken a power line). I am now on the front porch of home, watching people pass by on the main road to my right and listening to a conversation in the local language on my left. Every now and then Willy and Vinnie break into a song led by an acoustic guitar.

Day 298 (pic)

Home sweet home

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 9,066km