I left a loving family and struck out on my own once again. From Moni, I rode up a steep incline for about 10km, but 90% of the remaining distance to Ende was downhill. The road passes beautiful waterfalls and rice fields. Spectacular scenery! I rode down to Ende’s port area before heading back up the hill to find a place to stay. A local invited me to his place for a coffee, saying it is only ‘Just there, only 500m.’ By this time I was very tired and hungry, which is a combination that leaves me short-tempered. The guy led with a scooter, just far enough ahead that he was out of earshot. And he just kept going! So much for 500m. I followed him for about twenty minutes, including back down the hill I had just ridden up, as well as up a long, winding hill into a small village. I should have stopped but I felt I couldn’t just abandon his kind offer like that without being able to tell him it’s too far away. By the time we arrived at his house I was completely pissed off. I wasn’t a very pleasant guest and I was just too shattered to care. I only stayed for five minutes before making me excuses and leaving. I made my way to Dasi guesthouse, where I could finally start to rest. After checking in, I did a food shop at Hero, which was a real life supermarket – it’s been so long since I have seen a supermarket that I just kept on wandering the aisles looking at stuff I was too stingy to buy. After a meal at a warung, I visited a fruit stall to get some bananas and mangoes before returning home and making a noodle/tuna/pea dinner on my camping stove in the tiled bathroom.

Day 300 (pic)

My usual mess

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 73km
Average cycling speed 15.6kph
Total distance ridden 9,165km