I purposefully neglected to wear a helmet when I went for an evening ride into town today. Together with the fact that I wasn’t wearing riding shorts (being washed) and the fact there wasn’t a single bag attached to my bike, I felt free and wanted to tear along with the wind in my hair. In hindsight this sounds kind of silly and I shouldn’t have gone without a helmet. Nothing happened, but how stupid would I be if something did. I might have felt as if I was on a leisurely ride back home if it wasn’t for the incessant ‘Hey Mister’ calls interrupting my reverie. Today I didn’t mind the attention though: I was relaxed and I only went for a short ride so such attention didn’t wear me down. I revisited Hero supermarket to buy the notepad in which I’m now writing, then I found a very nice warung at which to have an early dinner. I couldn’t resist returning to Hero to treat myself to an ice cream. On the way home the cheery calls from passersby and a short bike race with a group of kids put a smile on my face. Before my trip into town, I spent the day on chores: cleaning gear (shoes, wet weather gear, stove) and sewing one of my sandals and a pannier strap that had both been chewed by dogs sometime during one of the previous few nights. The power is out so I am writing by headlight. Without a working air-con, it is slowly becoming stiflingly hot in the unventilated room.

Day 302 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 9,165km