I woke up to rain and rode for several hours through a drizzle. Most of the day was spent riding uphill. Clouds passed me above and below. Sometimes they obscured Inerie from view, but at other times they parted like curtains to display the volcano in all its glory. I reached Bajawa mid-afternoon, whereupon I visited the food markets to buy some fruit, checked into Ino’s hostel, had a good wash, went for a walk, and got chatting to William (a friend of Ino, at whose hostel I am staying). William invited me to his place for dinner and drinks. I piled into the car with him and six other Florinese guys and travelled to a village on the outskirts of town where we feasted on pork, rice and palm wine along with many others. This was how I was introduced to Reba, a New Year celebration during which offerings are made to ancestors and there is fresh hope for a good year ahead. It is a chance for families to spend time together. Different villages are allocated different dates on which to celebrate so the timing of the event is staggered across the island. I was lucky to have chanced upon the start of the local event. I’m back home now and it’s late. I’m full of food and alcohol so I think I’m going to sleep well.

Day 304 (pic)

The mighty Inerie

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 47.18km
Average cycling speed 11.4kph
Total distance ridden 9,303km