Last night I had dinner with Leonardus and his wife, and we were joined by the village chief, as well as by Reni, who could speak English. I listened attentively as they chatted away, but I was oblivious to what they were talking about. Eventually, it became bedtime. Leonardus and his wife retired to the back of the wooden house, while I slept on a rug overlying the bamboo floor of the front section. I had a terrible night’s sleep as I was constantly woken by a couple of dogs resting just outside the front door. Each time they moved, the bamboo they were lying on (which extended inside the house and was the floor of my bed) vibrated. It was also one of those nights where my mind just wouldn’t shut up. I was forced awake in the morning when smoke wafted up through the bamboo floor and it became unpleasant to breathe. The smoke was from burning coconut shells, which Leonardus had placed under the house in an effort to keep mosquitoes away. After breakfast, which was the same as dinner, I got ready to leave, then donated some money to the village as thanks for the hospitality I received. The amount I originally offered was given back to me and I was told not to give so much. Even when I tried to sneakily thrust another note into the donation box, I was stopped. In the end, I ended up bumping up the amount of money I gave to Leonardus and his family. I walked through the village saying thanks and bye to everyone, filmed some leaving shots, then got ready to leave for real.

I was once again back on the bike and in searing heat. Nearing the town of Borong, a young guy called Alif rode up beside me on his scooter and started chatting. We stopped by a tree to sit down and have a proper chat. He was keen to practice his English and invited me to stay at his place. I ended up declining the kind offer as I was really keen to spend the afternoon catching up on much-needed sleep and I knew staying with him (as with any local) would be draining. On entering town I checked into Primadona Hotel, had a quick lunch, then retired to my room for a shower and rest. It is scorching hot here in Borong. The bed consists of a bottom sheet and pillow (no other linen) because it is so hot. I had my first warm shower (bucket shower) in a long time because the water in the pipes was warm from the sun’s heat.

Day 307 (pic)

Primadona on the main street

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 49.88km
Average cycling speed 14.7kph
Total distance ridden 9,401km