For breakfast I had quick oats (the only type of cereal I have found on Flores) and milk powder. During my ride I snacked on banana chips, fresh mango and lollies. I came across my second troupe of monkeys, which was cool. They are not native to Flores but were introduced many years ago. I found myself struggling as I made my way uphill into Ruteng. The terrain combined with the heat is just so draining. On entering town I went to ‘MBC’, a Christian convent that offers rooms. The price was a bit more than I’d expected, but I decided to stay anyway, partly because the rooms were the nicest I have seen in Flores and partly because I didn’t want to waste the time of the nun that had welcomed me and shown me around. I know I am in need of a decent break when I choose to stay at slightly nicer accommodation rather than cheap and challenging accommodation. After settling into my room, I ventured into town to find some food. The afternoon rain arrived as I ate and I got a bit wet visiting a fruit market and returning home.

Day 308 (pic)

Had to take a picture of this doorway!

Accommodation $ Convent
Distance ridden today 58.96km
Average cycling speed 10.8kph
Total distance ridden 9,460km