Today was a day for celebration. After enjoying a long (too long in the end) scooter adventure to Cancar, Jayden, Megs, Laura, Willy and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Treetop. The dinner was a treat, courtesy of Megs’ mum. I didn’t hesitate to order a massive burger. The rest of the night was spent at Paradise Bar, where we had a couple of drinks while enjoying live music. Suddenly, the band broke into a Happy Birthday song and out came a cake. It was delivered to our table, right in front of me. Thank you Jayden and Megs for coming all the way to Flores to help me celebrate my birthday! And thank you Laura and Willy for helping making the celebration so memorable!

Day 314 (pic)

Reaching the spider rice fields of Cancar

Accommodation Resort
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 9,609km