With the help of an alarm, we yawned through an early breakfast and travelled to the port where our boat awaited. Amat, the captain, welcomed the three of us on-board and, with a safety briefing notably absent, we cruised off towards the horizon where Rinca Island was soon to come into view. A hike on the island revealed Komodo Dragons around the camp (attracted by the kitchen) but little else besides some nice panorama views. On Komodo Island we came across one male dragon in a wild setting, lazing under a tree. Several others were seen along the beach at the end of our walk. Other wildlife spotted included birds, pigs and deer. As the sun began to sink we cruised over to Flying Fox Island where we dropped anchor and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner by a glorious sunset. Over several beers, the three of us stayed up having revealing and amusing deep-and-meaningful conversations.

Day 316 (pic)

Off to find dragons

Accommodation $ Boat
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 9,609km