I was punished for my night out with a painful, pounding headache. My stomach was fine though. I got up to eat a big breakfast, then retreated to bed. I moved only to say bye to Jayden and Megs as they were driven out of Puri Sari and towards the airport. I have tried not to think about the fact that they are gone and I no longer have the company of close friends. My head can’t deal with it. I am incredibly lucky to have friends like Jayden and Megs and the time I have shared with them has been very special and memorable. I will miss them incredibly. I dozed the day away. In the evening I went out to dinner on what might be my last day on Flores (depends on what happens with ferries tomorrow). It was Udin’s birthday (a friend of Laura and Willy’s who I had met in Moni) and I was invited to help celebrate it by sharing in a delicious fish curry with a bunch of nice people. I spent the night chilling on a comfortable bean bag and chatting between bouts of guitar playing. 

Day 318 (pic)

Bye guys

Accommodation Resort
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 9,609km