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Day 320 (Indonesia – Sumbawa Day 2)

Sumbawa is immediately different from Flores. I really liked the appearance and atmosphere of Sape with its colourful houses on stilts and wooden boats in various states of build. I had a rest in Bima, which feels much more like a modern day metropolis than any town I saw on Flores. The proliferation of mosques and veiled women is noticeable, as is the absence of churches. The café at which I had my midday rest was pumping over lunchtime. It offers a wide range of juices. I ordered my favourite: sirsak, and ended up enjoying two of them. I also got a soto ayam pakai nasi (chicken soup with rice). My bill was 26,000r (AU$2.60). After waiting for the heat to lessen a little, I hit the road again. At one point I witnessed a chicken (one of the fat white ones destined for the dinner table) escape from the back of a truck, only to be pounced upon by the next passing scooter-driver, who no doubt took it home for dinner.

As the day wore on, I decided to aim for a town that, judging by the density of roads on my Maps.me app, I assumed would contain some kind of accommodation. I was wrong. I had to ride another 30km to find a town with a bed I could crash in. I wasn’t expecting such a big ride and my body is wrecked and I’m feeling a bit sick. I got soaked to the skin and quite cold as the afternoon rains hit, and I’m sure this is contributing to me feeling sick. As I rolled through the outskirts of Dompu, I was very happy to arrive at a place that was both a home-stay and a restaurant, meaning I wouldn’t have to go elsewhere for food. Unfortunately, they had no available rooms. I cast myself into the rain again for another couple of kilometres deeper into town, to the hotel where I am now staying. As I had dinner and perused the map on my phone, I thought about ducking down to Lakey Peak, but I have decided to give it a miss and instead keep on charging across the island.

Day 320 (pic)

Poor little guys

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 110.25km
Average cycling speed 16.9kph
Total distance ridden 9,726km

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