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Day 321 (Indonesia – Sumbawa Day 3)

I drank electrolyte-d water through the noisy night and woke up feeling a bit rough, but okay enough to face the day. Time went slowly but continued to be filled with interesting sights as I rode from Dompu to Empang: troupes of monkeys, colourful seaside villages, careless goats, and a mob of horses being herded at speed down the road by a man on a scooter. For a couple of hours I played leapfrog with a travelling salesman wrestling with a precariously-stacked scooter. I had my best value meal yet from a random warung in a small village. Absolutely delicious, filling and somehow only 10,000r (AU$1). It included fried chicken straight out of the pan. I stopped riding at about 10.30am to take refuge from the heat under a roadside tree. I started again about 1pm, which is still a very hot time of day, but I had some distance to cover if I was to find a roof for the night. I am getting sweat rash from being constantly soaked by sweat and rain, and I have a huge blister in my groin.

Day 321 (pic)

Amazing place

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 93.76km
Average cycling speed 16.3kph
Total distance ridden 9,819km

2 Responses to “Day 321 (Indonesia – Sumbawa Day 3)”

    • Budgie Escapee

      Thanks for the tip ☺ I’ll have to try it! Although, it won’t help so much for the rain side of the problem, and unfortunately it’s too hot to wear full wet weather gear. It will be a good solution in the dry times though, if it does indeed work.


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