I don’t know how worried to be about my bum. Today was agony and I have only exacerbated my blister issues. Tomorrow I will subject myself to the same torture as the place I am staying in (the only place I found after a quick ride on the east side of the island) is an absolute shithole. Not only do I have the most disgusting room I have seen so far on my travels, but I think the place is a brothel. When I was offered a prostitute, I didn’t know whether to be more horrified by the fact the girl being offered was most likely the guy’s daughter, or the fact that it was obviously being suggested that having sex in such a disgusting room was not something to be concerned about. I just hope my bum doesn’t take too long to recover. Maybe some saltwater in Sengiggi will do the trick.

Besides the ordeal of placing my backside on my seat and the crappy place in which I have to sleep, the day went really well. The ride was one of the flattest days I have had since leaving Australia. I cruised past a group of local cyclists out for an early Saturday morning ride as I left Sumbawa Besar. The timing of my arrival at Poto Tano was impeccable. I didn’t even have to get off my bike as I passed through the port, bought a ticket at a booth, and rode onto the ferry, which left about ten minutes after I had taken a seat.

Day 324 (pic)

Another day, another island

Accommodation $ Filthy guesthouse
Distance ridden today 96.44km
Average cycling speed 17.3kph
Total distance ridden 10,015km (woohoo!)