My mind is in a great place right now, because I’m drunk. My body, on the other hand, is in utter turmoil. Let’s go back to 5.10am. My alarm had been sounding for 15 minutes and I had finally decided to get up. After a poor night’s sleep (the sounds that kept me up confirmed the fact that I was in a filthy brothel), I woke up to find my bum rawer than ever. I tried riding but the pain was just too much. I decided I would catch a bus across Lombok to reach the tourist town of Sengiggi. I had seen buses at the port when I arrived on the ferry so I assumed that was where you could get a bus from. I rode the 3km back to the port (standing up on the pedals so my bum wouldn’t touch the seat) only to find out that the bus port was actually back in town. I returned the way I came and started asking people on the street where the station was. Everyone kept indicating it’s just down the road a little bit further. I rode on and on but there was no sign of a bus station. Eventually, my tired and frustrated mind had a silly idea: F#@k it, I’ll just ride. I grit my teeth and got on with it. For over 90km I kept going. Somehow I managed to ride across all of Lombok and reach Sengiggi without sitting on my seat once. I don’t know whether to be proud at myself for making it, or angry at myself for destroying my entire body in the process. It’s such a full body workout to manage a heavy bike for such a distance while standing up, and so many muscles are now protesting painfully. While I can deal with muscle pain, it’s the saddle sores I’m really concerned about. My bum hurts more than ever and I know I will be stuck in Sengiggi until it heals. I spent several hours lying naked with a fan cooling my arse, before venturing into town in the evening. After visiting an art gallery, I had a beer at a bar in the company of a lady called Fi. I caught up with her again at Mario’s, where I had another beer and dinner. I saw Fi for a third time at Happy Café, where I had another three beers and chatted to Phil and Lance, British born guys in their sixties who live in Australia.

Day 325 (pic)


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 101.56km
Average cycling speed 19.4kph
Total distance ridden 10,117km