I’m learning just how valuable an asset an intact bum is. Without a functioning backside, my back is starting to get really sore from lying in awkward positions. I stayed in my room until about 6pm working on my Youtube channel and website, before venturing out to find some food. As I left my room, I joined two other guys who just happened to be heading out at the same time. Dan was from Amsterdam and Scott was from Boston. We wandered down to the beach for sunset before eating at a warung and having beers at a bar. I clicked with Scott – a laid back dude with similar ideas about opening a hostel one day. While chilling out with these guys, I had to slump back on the lounge seat we were on so that I was sitting on my lower back instead of my bum.

Day 327 (pic)

Beach time

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,117km