After a quick breakfast I raced back to the storage unit to collect some clothes I thought I might need in Perth, then it was time to head to the airport. I downloaded Indonesia’s GoJek app and ordered a scooter ride. A guy turned up just two minutes later. He wedged my main bag and tripod in between his legs, while I carried my backpack. I had to hold on tightly to avoid falling off as he accelerated hard. Forty minutes later, at a cost of 30,000r (five times cheaper than a standard taxi) I was at the airport. Perth. Home. Mum picked me up. My brother Paul was at my parents’ house when we arrived home and my sister Sarah and her fiancé Dan arrived shortly after. Being a Tuesday, it was family dinner night. We had fun swapping our week’s stories over a delicious chicken dinner.

Day 334 (pic)

Home sweet home

Accommodation Home!
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,212km