I got straight into entering my diary entries from my time in Timor-Leste into my computer. At 11.40am my friend Megs rang me and invited me out to lunch with a group from my old work. We went to Purl Bar in Subiaco and I got to catch up with Matt B, Clare and Pete. Later in the day my mate Dan rang and we organised a night out. He came over after his kids were in bed and we walked to the city. We had several pints at a couple of bars and then went to the cocktail bar Choo Choos. It’s a cool place where you can suggest some flavours or a preferred alcohol and the cocktail artists mix something up. We had two each. Absolutely delicious. We had a whiskey at another bar before having a meal at Maccas and calling it a night. The other nice thing that happened today was that I received an email from the Head of Video at World Nomads, providing direct feedback about my scholarship entry. Despite not getting the scholarship the feedback was very positive and supportive, and has filled me with encouragement to keep going with my video making.

Day 337 (pic)

Night on the town

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,212km