My favourite artwork at Sculpture by the Sea was made of chicken wire, layers of which had been shaped into small boulders. From a distance they looked like solid objects and a natural part of the landscape. Up close, you could see through the wire and observe the world behind, as if the boulders were ghosts. The piece, by Sally Stoneman, was named Echo of the Landscape. To me it embodied the memory of a landscape that has eroded away or been destroyed by human activities. The other artworks were nice but many were just random objects. I much prefer art that presents ideas that are readily accessible; art with explicit messages. I couldn’t appreciate those pieces that to me were simply random objects with an airy-fairy name. I find it easy to dismiss artworks as lacking effort. Why make something that cannot be accurately interpreted? I appreciate the fact that people can draw their own and very different ideas but I guess I am influenced by my own desire to create art that makes people think about specific questions/topic/ideas. I explored the outdoor art gallery with mum and dad, and when we were done we went for a refreshing swim.

Day 342 (pic)

Echo of the Landscape

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