I woke up and went for a walk to Mardalup Park to meet my friend Jayden, his girlfriend Kobie and Kobie’s housemate Claire. We all enjoyed breakfast at Partisan in Claisebrook Cove. I ordered a blueberry/apple/chia smoothie and it was delicious. Back at home I started editing a short video to put onto Instagram. This took me to 1.30pm when I walked into the city to catch up with my friend Trang and her husband Peter. I met Trang when I rode the Gibb River Road. We enjoyed a coffee (or in my case an iced chocolate because I don’t like coffee) in London Court. This arcade is famous for being one of the better replications of Tudor/Elizabethan architecture in the world. I enjoyed talking to Peter about his attempt at rowing across the Indian Ocean. The boat he used is for sale. So tempting. If only I had the money…

Day 366 (pic)


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 10,212km